1. Employers may provide up to $265 a month in tax-free parking for employees.

2. Employers can take as an expense deduction the cost of tax-free employer-provided parking for employees above $265 a month.

3. If the parking area your firm owns or pays for includes both tax-free employee parking and parking for the public, the cost of parking spaces for the public tax deductible.

4. For parking included in your firm’s rent but not specified as being for parking, you can use any reasonable method to estimate the cost of tax-free parking your firm provides for employees.

5. New recommendations for hack-resistant passwords continue to urge long ones, but that they be a phrase or sentence or series of associated words.

6. To see if owners have more assets or income, or an IC has more clients than are reflected on their tax return, the IRS monitors social media.

For more tips on Social Media click here.

8. Minimum cybersecurity requires that you at least have good passwords changed regularly, encrypted data and two-stage authentication.

For the Standards for Password Selection check them out here.

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