Having a small payroll tax problem?

Payroll tax audits, investigations and even penalties used to be routine, handled quickly by most payroll service providers.

That is no longer the norm!

The attorneys from recent a recent American Bar Association conference said that now any payroll tax matter can quickly become a criminal case. Payroll tax casees have become the tops IRS enforcement priority.

The IRS is aware that a large portion of payroll taxes is underpaid or not paid.

The attorneys suggest that anyone in payroll tax investation or audit be very care about what you disclose to IRS employees and how your say it aswell.

The IRS is singling out taxpaters for investation and preparing cases agaisnt taxpayers not by the numbers but by searching through social media accounts.

IRS agents look at social media for signs that taxpaters have more assets or income, or has more clients than is shown on their tax return.

Also add to the fact that the IRS now uses artifical intelligence and big data to more effectively identify taxpayers for investgation.

Pro Tip: Review all your companies social media posts with a thoughts as though a IRS agent would. As well as your personal and family members posts.