The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have updated their recommendations for passwords.

The new recommendations include:

Password should be a phrase or sentence or series of associated words.

Ex. a line from a movie or song that has upper and lowercase letters included and has some vowels or small words dropped in

NIST feel phrases are easier for people to remember because they are familiar. Then making people less likely to write it down.

The recommended steps for creating a password according to NIST:

Step 1. Use items that have purpose to you to use the power of accociation.

Step 2. Use items unique to you. Passphrases should be items that can go together in your head but not of others.

Ex. Objects in your kitchen, such as RedStoveFlowerDaisy. Avoid items that are simple to guess, such as a child’s name.

Step 3. Create a passphrase you can picture in your mind. See the example above.

The IRS recommends to use passwords for desktop software in addition to your online accounts. Make sure to use a different password for each. Password mangement is easier with a password manager program.

Best Option: multifactor authentictian when able to, which can be used with a fingerprint or code texted from your cellphone to allow access.