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Hubs and USB drives – should you be using?

Here is what you need to know. There are several different hubs and USB thumb drives that are simple to use and purchase.

A flash drive, which is a data storage device you connect to your computer and devices to download and upload data, and to transfer data between devices. This drive has been given the nickname “thumb drive”. They are only a few inches long allowing for up to four or five to fit into your pocket.

  • USB thumb drives for under $15:
    • Are top 32GB USB lifelike
    • WooTech 32GB USB Metal Wrench
    • USBKingdom 32GB USB 2.0 (shaped like a doctor in scrubs)

Please note that due to the size of thumb drives, they can be easily misplaced or lost. Many USB drives are formatted FAT 32, which means that your data isn’t truly erased when deleted, meaning it can be recovered. Thumb drives that have been used on other computers may contain malware.

A hub connects computers or various network devices together. They are very user-friendly networking devices. A hub broadcasts all network data across each connection and has no routing intelligence or tables on where to send information.

  • USB hubs for under $15:
    • USBKingdom’s 4-port hub, plane-shaped
    • Kikkerland’s US006 USB Hubman
    • Duragadget’s Octopus 4-port hub
  • Useful hints on hubs and thumb drives:
    • USB drives and hubs that have USB 3.0 technology are 10 times faster, and those with 3.2 technology are 20-40 times faster.
    • Some computers speed will be slowed; if you have a 3.2 thumb or hub drive as your computer may only be able to handle at 2.0 drive. Also, this can happen with a slower USB drive with a faster computer port. You will lose speed even if your thumb drive is slow and your USB port and hub are fast.
    • These USB drives and hubs more often than not have USB 2.0 technology. This causes weaker power and slower data transfer rates.
    • The Huijin Parts 3.5A 3-port USB charger hub can be a better option. It has type C charging adapter for tablets, mobile phones, etc. with 3.2 technology.

Look for a USB hub or drive with the most up-to-date technology to get the best of both worlds.

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